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Our team of fully qualified and insured professionals includes a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioner, Complementary Therapists, Holistic Therapists, Reiki Practitioners, Reiki Master Teachers, Facilitators, Tutors, Assessors and Internal Verifiers. Together our team has over 18 years experience in providing complementary and holistic therapies, as well as education and training. They are happy to answer any questions you may have so please do get in touch with them or The Full Spectrum Centre Limited.

Our Team of Specialists

joanne lee

Joanne Lee

Complementary Therapist, Tutor & VTCT Assessor
Joanne, owner of The Full Spectrum Centre Limited has over 18 years experience and and specialises in holistic health, well-being, relaxation, fertility and stress management.

Call or text Joanne on 07734 255 666 or send her an email.

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Daciana Indolean

Daciana Indolean

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Daciana, owner of Purple Jade Holistics is a qualified TCM Practitioner who believes that emotional well-being is as important, if not more important than physical well-being.

Call or text Daciana on 07425 273 187 or send her an email.

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Catherine Shaw

Catherine Shaw

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Holistic Therapist
Catherine, owner of Catherine Shaw Holistic Therapies is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and Holistic Therapist who is registered with the CNHC enabling her to take referrals from the NHS.

Call or text Catherine on 07912 372 965 or send her an email.

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Carl Whitwell

Carl Whitwell

Holistic Therapist, Reiki Practitioner & Facilitator
Carl, owner of Healing With Carl Whitwell is a Holistic Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Facilitator & Spiritual Mentor dedicated to YOU, to help YOUR growth, personally and spiritually.

Call or text Carl on 07508 228 183 or send him an email.

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Melanie Appleyard

Melanie Appleyard

Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher
Melanie, owner of Pure Hearts Healing is passionate about the mental health and emotional wellbeing of both people and animals. Melanie delivers Angelic Reiki Sessions and Workshops.

Call or text Melanie on 07891 394 602 or send her an email.

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Andrea Smith

Andrea Smith

Reiki Practitioner & Facilitator
Andrea, owner alongside Emma Jones of Smashing Craft Workshops delivers a wide variety of Arts, Crafts & Mindful Creativity classes both here and at various venues across Tameside. Andrea is also a Reiki Practitioner specialising chronic illness.

Call or text Andrea on 07940 353 967 or send her an email.

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Cindy K Vernon

Cindy K Vernon

Holistic Therapist, Tutor, VTCT Assessor & IQA
Cindy, owner of New Holistic has over 18 years experience as a Complementary Therapist, specialising in Advanced Massage Techniques, Sports Massage Therapy and treatment of Sports Injuries. She is also a tutor, VTCT Assessor and IQA.

Call or text Cindy on 07876 118 733 or send her a message.

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Maureen Bonner

Maureen Bonner

Oncology Massage Tutor
Maureen Bonner, owner of Start With Touch is an oncology massage expert with over 18 years’ experience under her belt. She has been recognised by the industry’s regulating associations for her inclusive, supportive teaching style and contribution.

Send her an email or visit Start With Touch.

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Popular Therapies, Classes, Courses & CPD Workshops From Our Team

salt stone therapy massage
Take Care Of Yourself With

Salt Stone Massage

Incorporates hot and cold pink pink himalayan salt stones to release stress and tension from the muscles and joints.

sound bath
Balance & Harmonise With

Sound Bath Meditation

This amazing sacred sound journey helps to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, promote relaxation and a deep, restful sleep.

Develop Your Skills With

Reflexology Diploma

The VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology is a vocational qualification that will prepare you for a career as a reflexologist.

crystal facial massage
Enhance Your Skills With

Crystal Facial Massage

CPD for massage therapists who wish to diversify their techniques by including elements of crystal facial massage.

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