Time To Find And Cut Out Stressors

Reducing stress by focusing on relaxation and other stress reducing techniques including the ones we’ve been talking about is great, but what’s even better is finding and cutting out some of the stuff that stresses you out in the first place. That’s what today’s post is all about. Let’s dive right in. What’s Really Stressing […]

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Quick Stress Buster: Brew A Cup Of Tea

Are you ready for another quick and easy stress buster? Today we’re going to brew a cup of tea. If that’s not your “cup of tea” (pun intended), keep reading. we have some tweaks and suggestions for you to make it work. There is a long tradition of making and drinking tea across most of […]

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Quick Stress Buster: Phone a Friend

We’re back today with another great stress buster that you can do anytime anywhere. To borrow a line from a game show, we’re giving you the option to “phone a friend”. Think of it as your very own safety line whenever you are feeling particularly stressed out. There’s something about saying it out loud and […]

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Quick Stress Buster: Laugh Out Loud

We hope you’re ready for another fun stress buster. This may seem a little silly at first glance and even the first few times you try it, but trust me, it works like a charm. We’re’ talking about laughing out loud. Not the messaging LOL, but a belly laugh that comes from your soul. We’re […]

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