Dry Cupping For Massage Therapists

Based on TCM but designed for bodywork


Update your existing skillset.


Prevent boredom from kicking in.

Stand out

Stand out from the crowd.

Learn How To Incorporate Dry Cupping Techniques Into Your Massage Routine

Are you ready to diversify?

Too many massage therapists get stuck in a rut. Many get bored with the same routine or struggle to stand out from the crowd. Too few attend additional training, or complete cpd to develop their skillset.

Are you one of them? You can change that today and create a toolbox full of success tools.

Success tools not just for yourself but also for your clients. Afterall we don’t take our car to a mechanic and expect them to fix it with just one spanner do we?

As the wise Lao Tzu once said, the journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step. Take a single step today and book your place on our fantastic Dry Cupping For Massage Therapists CPD workshop.

dry cupping for massage therapists


Limited dates and places available!

dry cupping for massage therapists

dry cupping for massage therapists

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about the Dry Cupping For Massage Therapists CPD Workshop.

What is CPD?

FHT, the Federation of Holistic Therapists defines CPD “as a range of activities through which professional therapists maintain and develop their skills to ensure that they retain their capacity to practise safely, effectively and legally, within their scope of practice.”

Qualified therapists who are members of professional associations are expected to complete a minimum number of CPD points per membership year, through developing in all areas of therapies practised.

Who is this CPD workshop for?

If you answer YES to any of the below, you need this.

  • You are a qualified and insured bodywork or massage therapist.
  • You want to update or expand your current skillset.
  • You feel there is something missing in your practice.
  • You need to achieve CPD points for the current year.
  • You want to be able to help more clients.
  • You want to become more and more competent.
  • You want to become an expert in your chosen field.

Why is CPD effective and recommended?

CPD is a great reflective practice tool. It keeps you up to date with changes within the industry and in touch with current practice. When we initially qualify as a therapist we are just at the very beginning of our journey. We never stop learning and knowledge and understanding comes with experiencem. CPD is also a requirement of membership with a large number of professional associations.

How is this CPD Workshop delivered?

This CPD workshop, delivered over a day with plenty of time allocated to practical, hands-on experience is supported by comprehensive handouts and expert tuition.

How much does it cost?

The cost of our Dry Cupping For Massage Therapists CPD Workshop is £145 and includes a full days CPD training in a small group of a maximum of 6 attendees, comprehenisive handouts, CPD Certificate of Achievement and liquid refreshments.

How do I pay?

The required deposit for your booking and to secure your place is £58. Payment can be made via credit or debit card using the secure services of Square. The remaining balance can be paid now or at anytime between the initial booking and the day before the workshop by logging into your Bookeo Customer Area, or by cash or debit / credit card just before the start time of the workshop.

How do I book and secure my place?

Simply click on the BOOK NOW button or link which will take you to our booking widget. Please allow a few seconds for it to load, choose the date of the workshop you would like to attend and then follow the simple steps to complete the online booking form.

Don’t forget to click on Checkout to complete your booking and await confirmation. You will receive a confirmation email, an email reminder 2 days before and a text reminder 2 hours before your scheduled workshop.

Is the tutor qualified?

Yes, Daciana holds a teaching qualification, professional TCM qualification and is an expert in her chosen field. She is a full time TCM Practitioner, tutor and facilitator with passion for and experience in TCM.

What are the entry requirements for this CPD workshop?

You must be a practicing massage therapist and hold a recognised Level 3 Massage Therapy qualification such as VTCT, ITEC, City & Guilds etc.

Will I be able to get insurance?

Yes, our CPD workshops are recognised and approved by both Towergate and Westminster Insurance. You can get an online quote and also receive a discount by clicking here. If you hold insurance with any other companies there is no reason why they wouldn’t accept our Certificate of Achievement and CPD certificate but please check with them before booking.

What is the difference between accredited and certified?

Accredited means a qualification has formal recognition by an authoritative body of the competence to work to specified standards such as our VTCT courses. Certified represents a written assurance by a third party, in this case the Full Spectrum Centre and Purple Jade Acupuncture and Holistic Therapies of the conformity of a course or workshop to specified requirements. CPD confers a skill not a qualification.

Do I need to buy anything in order to attend this CPD workshop?

This CPPD is based on the professional experience of Daciana, TCM practitioner, and the following books:

While there are lots of books out there that deal with the subject of cupping, we wanted to provide you with one of the best and most reliable sources of information. You do not need to purchase these books to attend the workshop, we simply recommend these particular titles for those interested.


Limited dates and places available!