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Shamanic Journey to the Drum Class

June 4 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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shamanic journey

Our regular ‘Shamanic Journey to the Drum Group class, held on a Monday evening provides an introduction to the Celtic Medicine Wheel, enabling release and connection to Mother Earth. It is a meditative practice used to seek guidance and wisdom from the spirit world.

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual response to the wonder and beauty of Nature. A Shamanic journey is a powerful and ancient practice that has been used by many people throughout history across geographic locations and cultures. In this fortnighly group class we work with Celtic Shamanic principles that have evolved in response to earth, life and land of UK.

The Centre – In the middle of the room, there is a Centre which is based on the Celtic Medicine wheel. It marks the four directions and elements:

  • North/Earth
  • East/Air
  • South/Fire
  • West/Water

Natural elements are used to create the Centre and will reflect the season at the time.

Sage – This is a purification ritual that marks entrance into sacred space. It involves the burning of sage and wafting the smoke around each person in turn. You are then welcomed to the Circle.

Opening the Circle – The Circle is opened by facing and calling in the helping healing energies, spirits and elements of each of the Directions e.g.: North, East, South, West, above, below and centre. Rattling and drumming accompanies this process.

Talking Stick – We sit in a circle for the group to check in. A ‘talking stick’ is passed to each person in turn. Only the person holding the talking stick, talks. Others listen. No questions are asked. The person holding the talking stick introduces him/herself and shares something with the group. This may be as simple as how you are feeling about being in the group or you may want to share something that you have been experiencing, feeling or thinking. It is an opportunity for group members to begin to plant seeds of trust within the group.

Clarifying and refining an intention for your journey (If you have not journeyed before, you will be guided on how to journey) – In journeying to the beat of the drum we can choose to go to the Upper, Middle or Lower World to meet spiritual guides and helpers who empower us to re-connect with the web of life. We can ask for guidance or answers to questions. Each world has particular means of access and recognizable qualities, features and landscapes.

Preparation for journeying – You need to be comfortable, warm and relaxed. You must not be in physical contact with anyone else. Some people journey lying down, others prefer to sit. Some have a ‘journeying blanket/cloth’ that they put over themselves as part of their preparation ritual. Some people like to place a scarf over their eyes to block out any background light. If you feel you might like a blanket and/or a scarf, you will need to bring these with you.

This process prepares you for departure from your everyday known world and prepares you for your journey to connect with the web of life beyond.

Journeying to the drum – When everyone is comfortable, the drumming will begin. The drum beat is a continuous beat similar to a heart beat. It lasts about 20 mins. There will be a ‘call back beat’ to give you time to say goodbye and to return. Sometimes you may find that you are ready to return before the call back. You are completely in control and can return at any stage, but it is important to remain quiet and to be sensitive to those who are still journeying.

Return to the Circle – Upon return the group re-assembles in a circle around the Centre. The talking stick is passed around the group and each person has an opportunity to share something of his/her journey. Journeys are very personal and individual. There is no right/wrong. The wisdom, advice or knowledge that you need and seek will be communicated to you in the most appropriate manner for you to learn and to receive. Sharing journeys in a group offers a rich opportunity to deepen understanding and appreciation of how Spirit works differently with each of us, respecting our diversity and honoring each individual in their own right.

Closing the Circle – The Circle is closed by rattling and drumming and thanking the Directions and the helping healing energies, spirits and elements that have worked with us. The Directions are addressed in reverse order to the opening e.g. West, South, East, North, below, above and centre.

If you want to find out more about a shamanic journey, Pauline recommends Sandra Ingerman: ‘Shamanic Journeying A beginner’s Guide’ (It is based on the Native American Medicine wheel rather than Celtic, but is a good introduction and it includes a drumming CD).

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June 4
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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The Full Spectrum Centre Limited
The Old Courthouse
Dukinfield, Cheshire SK16 4DY United Kingdom
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