Featured Therapy For January 2020

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Featured Therapy For January 2020

A life coach can bring you many benefits, including putting you on the fast track to success. They hold you accountable, bring out the best in you.. and set your life on a different path. You may end up discovering things about yourself that you never knew were there. These discoveries can make you happy and bring you more success and fulfillment than you’ve ever known before.

Seeking the help of a life coach may be challenging, but it can also be truly rewarding. In the process, you’ll learn some beneficial skills that will help you for your entire lifetime. You may find that you become more self-sufficient. In addition, your confidence and self-esteem will soar as you are guided to achieve your ultimate goals.

If you have trouble keeping yourself motivated, then you can absolutely benefit from life coaching sessions with a trained and experienced coach such as Amanda J Bell to steer you through life’s challenges..

If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got! Do something different, take action.

Did you know Life Coaching is our Featured Therapy for January and there is 25% off so the standard cost of £40 for a 60 minute session is reduced to £30 and our 6 session Prepaid Package is reduced from £180 to £150?! Discount will be automatically applied during checkout.

One to One life coaching sessions are aimed at helping you to identify goals and any obstacles that may be challenging you, enabling you to live a meaningful and fulfilled life.

Life coaching sessions are aimed at helping you to evaluate where you are in life, identifying goals and any challenges that are making you feel stuck.

Coaching involves guidance, support and accountability enabling you to make better and more positive life choices, helping you to feel more empowered and less isolated.

All sessions involve a strategic intervention process helping you to identify your needs and how they are currently being met, giving you the tools to understand why we do what we do and how you can achieve life goals and reach full potential.

Our life coaching prepaid package is aimed at clients who are feeling stuck or lacking in direction. Life coaching sessions include an initial assessment of goals, 6 x 60 minute Life Coaching sessions tailored to suit clients needs – aimed at facilitating transformation and growth as well as resources and tools to support, guide and keep the client motivated.

Remember, now is the perfect time to book as Life Coaching is our Featured Therapy for January 2020 😉 so there is 25% off individually booked sessions and £30 off our Prepaid Package of 6 sessions.

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