Joyful New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

A fresh year gives you the opportunity to make resolutions that will make your life happier in the upcoming year ....

A fresh year gives you the opportunity to make resolutions that will make your life happier over the next 12 months. The plans you make for the next 12 months matter, so you’ll want to carefully consider your joyful new years resolutions.

New Years Resolutions
Make them count!

25 Joyful Resolutions That Will Bring You More Happiness & Joy

These can be a powerful way to alter the direction of your entire year. They can also transform your life. Pick a few of these joyful resolutions that resonate with you and enjoy the happy life you deserve!

Joyful New Years Resolutions

Consider these resolutions to fill your life with more happiness and joy:

1Laugh at least once a day. Laughter releases endorphins in the body and bring instant joy into your life.
2Stay grateful. Reflect on your daily blessings and find gratitude in them.
3Find hobbies that make you happy. What do you enjoy? Tap into your natural passions with a new hobby that brings you pleasure.
4Reconnect with nature at least once a week. It’s important to enjoy nature and find time to explore it.
5Volunteer to help a local organisation. Instead of writing a cheque and forgetting about the charity, connect with a local organisation that needs help. Your heart will be filled with joy as you help others.
6Explore your creative side. Do you love art, dance, music, or other creative outlets? By exploring creative pursuits, you can find new happiness.
7Express your appreciation to others. Ensure that others know you appreciate their efforts. Making them feel good makes you feel good too!
8Clarify your priorities. Spending time on those activities that support what’s most important to you brings you satisfaction and fulfillment.
9Organise events with friends. Your friendships can be a source of joy.
10Exercise frequently. Exercise helps fight stress and increases energy. It can also improve your mood and make you feel happier.
11Enjoy your favorite foods in moderation. It’s important to enjoy the foods you love, but eat them in moderation. You can find instant joy by sipping your favorite wine or eating your favorite chocolate.
12Get enough sleep. Researchers have found that getting enough sleep boosts happiness levels.
13Stay present in the moment. You can find joy in the little things by enjoying each moment of the day.
14Keep your mind active. An active mind avoids boredom, so you can find more joy.
15Make new friends. New friendships instantly add joy to your life.
16Give and accept more hugs. Hugs can lift your mood, and researchers have found they have a positive impact on endorphin levels.
17Spend more time with your children. Instead of watching TV or focusing on work, find more time to spend with your children. See the joy of life through their eyes.
18Play more games. Do you love board games or puzzles? Running around with your kids or pets? Let loose and spend some enjoyable time playing games.
19Avoid anger. Giving in to anger drains the joy from your life and makes the people around you miserable.
20Encourage the people around you. As you encourage others and help them find happiness, your own joy will increase.
21Do something just for you. It’s important to find time for yourself. Book a massage, Reiki or reflexology session.
22Look for the positive aspects. Find the silver lining in all situations.
23Smile more. Make smiling a priority and watch joy fill your life.
24Create new goals. Find happiness in new directions and goals.
25Reconnect with lost family members. Have you drifted apart from some family members? Rediscovering your bond will bring happiness to both of you.

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How to Get the Most Out of Resolutions

Goal setting

Resolutions can be a powerful goal-setting tool when you have specific aspirations that you’re hoping to fulfill. However, many people go about setting their resolutions incorrectly, which leads to disastrous results and disappointment along the way.

Learning effective resolution-setting strategies can ensure that you will accomplish what you set out to.

Try these techniques to set successful resolutions:

1Brainstorm what you want to achieve. Start by looking at what you actually want to get done this year. Do you want to improve your financial situation? Do you want to obtain a degree? You can look beyond this current year as well, if you have greater aspirations. Do you want to buy a new home in 2 years, or change careers before you turn 30? Map out the achievements you wish to accomplish. Brainstorm everything – every detail that really matters to you. Put this information down on paper so you can review it regularly.
2Turn these aspirations into long-term goals. Now that you know where you want to be, you can derive some measurable goals accordingly. These will be your resolutions. If you want to buy a home in two years, what can you achieve this year? An example may be to “Put £5,000 into savings towards a deposit.”
3Break your long-term goals into monthly goals. Break each of your resolutions into specific monthly achievements. For example, if your resolution is to put £5,000 into your savings account for a down payment on a home, a monthly goal may be to put £400 away each month or £200 from your wages. Choose monthly goals that are easy to obtain but help you work your way toward you’re your resolution goals. Try not to set your monthly goals beyond your capabilities. Setting savings goals beyond what you can reasonably afford, for example, will not help you achieve your goal. Use the SMART system when setting your goals. These are goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Rather than set a vague goal to “save money this year,” you’ll want to have specific and measurable goals with time limits or deadlines in place. “Put £200 into my savings account every pay period this year” is a much more obtainable goal.
4Create stepping stone goals. These are enabling goals that help you obtain your longer-term objectives. Some long-term goals lend themselves better to short-term goals than others. Following the same example resolution as before, an enabling goal may be to “Work 40 hours every week in January” or “Cut my entertainment budget by £50 in January and put this money into my savings account.”
5Get started today. The sooner you begin to plan out your New Years resolutions, the sooner you’ll be able to start reaching goals and achieving objectives. Get started on your goal-setting strategy today.

You can set resolutions that drive results and you can benefit from them in each day. These techniques will help you get the most out of your goal setting strategy so you can attain the life you desire.

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