Can Massage Therapy Ease Your Allergy Symptoms?

Did you know Massage Therapy is a natural allergy treatment?

Spring is here! The flowers are blooming and life is springing forth all around us. It’s beautiful, but it also means it’s a terrible time of year for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. The constant sneezing, itchy eyes, and congestion…it’s no fun!

The Statistics

The FDA estimates that up to 36 million people in the US alone suffer from seasonal allergies.

Meanwhile here is the UK:

  • The UK has some of the highest prevalence rates of allergic conditions in the world, with over 20% of the population affected by one or more allergic disorder. (M. L. Levy, 2004)
  • A staggering 44% of British adults now suffer from at least one allergy and the number of sufferers is on the rise, growing by around 2 million between 2008 and 2009 alone. Almost half (48%) of sufferers have more than one allergy (Mintel, 2010)
  • Allergic rhinitis (hayfever) is the most common form of non-infectious rhinitis, affecting between 10% and 30% of all adults and as many as 40% of children (Pawankar R, et al, 2013)
  • Up to 57% of adult patients and up to 88% of children with AR have sleep problems, including micro-arousals, leading to daytime fatigue and somnolence, and decreased cognitive functioning (Pawankar R, et al, 2013)

What are allergies?

Allergies are basically just an over-reaction of your immune system to an otherwise harmless substance – like pollen. Did you know that massage can help combat seasonal allergies?

That’s right, even more reason to get on the table!

Several studies have shown regular massage therapy to be a natural allergy treatment, improving immune function, a key component in fending off those allergic reactions before the first symptom ever rears its ugly head.

For a more direct approach, specific massage techniques and mobilizations of the neck, face, and head can also help to increase drainage of fluids from the sinuses. This clears congestion and allows you to breathe more clearly.

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It’s important to mention though, that before you come in for your massage, be certain whether it’s really allergies or some sort of respiratory infection. If it’s an infection of any sort, please don’t come in. Massage can’t do anything to help that and you risk making your therapist or other clients sick as well.

If you’re not sure, check with your doctor first. If you aren’t sure there is once major difference between hay fever and cold symptoms and that is itchiness. Itchy eyes, ears, mouth or throat indicate that it’s more likely to be hay fever. However there is an exception to this rule! An itchy nose can sometimes precede a sneeze in both hay fever and a cold.

This time of year can be breathtaking, figuratively and literally, so if you find that you’re experiencing those frustrating symptoms of seasonal allergies, make an appointment and you’ll get a session customized specifically to help.

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