Salt Stone Massage

The use of stones for healing has been used for centuries, and stones have been around since the earth was formed. The correct term for stone use is geothermotherapy – geo referring to the rocks of the earth; thermo relating to the use of heating and cooling effects to stimulate the body’s natural functions; and therapy for healing.

Many cultures use hot and cold stones to restore balance and health and to promote wellness and relaxation in the body.

During a Hot Salt Stone Massage session Pink Himalayan Salt stones are heated and then used both as massage instruments and as placements. 

The stones aid deeper penetration of movements by the heat emitted, warming the underlying tissue, softening muscles and easing circulation.

On a deeper holistic level, the stones have their own high vibrational energy, connecting us to Mother Earth, Father Sky and the five elements: water, ether/wood, earth, metal/ air and fire. These elements are provided by the earth and are the building blocks of every living thing in the universe, including the human body. The stones can be used to open up the chakras of the body too.

Chilled stones can be used on areas of inflammation and injury, just as a sports massage therapist would use ice. The use of both hot and cold stones is often described as a ‘fire and ice massage’.

Pink Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals that may be absorbed by the body and may lightly exfoliate skin. The 3 most important minerals being magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

Facts about Magnesium:

  • It’s the 4th most abundant mineral in the body
  • 60% of the body’s magnesium is found in bones
  • 40% is found in muscles and soft tissues and fluids
  • It is involved in energy creation, protein formation, gene maintenance, muscle movements, and nervous system regulation
  • Has been shown to fight depression as it plays an important role in brain function and mood
  • It helps lower elevated blood pressure
  • It helps fight inflammation by reducing the inflammatory marker CRP
  • It may help alleviate migraine pain in clients with low magnesium levels

Facts about Calcium

  • Helps build strong bones and teeth
  • Sends nerve signals
  • Contracts muscles

Facts about Potassium

  • Assists in regulating blood pressure
  • Assists in regulating normal water balance
  • Assists in muscle contraction
  • Assists in nerve impulses
  • Assists in heart rhythm
  • Assists in maintaining pH balance

Himalayan salt boasts many benefits, including:

  • anti-bacterial properties
  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • when heated, negative ions are released into the air, aiding in purification
  • muscle cramps may be alleviated due to the mineral content
  • skin-smoothing through light exfoliation

Salt stones help to remove dead skin cells, replenish essential vitamins to the skin and promote clear healthy skin with a natural glow, aid in relief of symptoms from skin conditions such as Psoriasis, skin allergies, and other such conditions. They do wonders for sore, tired muscles, and help to ground and balance the body’s electromagnetic field, central nervous system and meridians (energy pathways).

"Really enjoyed my treatment. Just the type of thing you need to forget about everything that’s going on around you at the minute. Totally relaxed and can’t wait for my next treatment"
"Amazing as always, highly recommended the hot salt stone massage to anyone especially for chronic pain suffers : beware you may fall asleep! "


Dating back many years, natural salt has used to enhance healing. People visited salt caves to find relief from a wide range of health issues, to enhance breathing, to improve skin health and to reduce stress.

Today, specially shaped Himalayan salt ‘stones’ are heated to provide a unique therapeutic massage that offers salt’s healing benefits during a massage.

Halotherapy: a form of alternative medicine using salt; is derived from the Greek word halos, meaning salt.

Similar to traditional basalt stones used in hot stone massage, Himalayan salt stones can be used over the entire body. Not only does it deliver superb thermotherapy, it contains 84 minerals that may be absorbed by the body and may lightly exfoliate skin.

The benefits of adding warm stones to your massage therapy sessions are plentiful. Heat can aid in softening muscles, easing circulation through vasodilation, allow your massage therapist to work deeper layers of tissue in less time, enhance the body’s parasympathetic response, and more.

Although this is a great therapy, it is not suitable for anyone who is on medication that thins the blood, nor is it suitable for people who suffer from heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure. Pregnant women should also avoid this therapy. In fact, if you’re suffering from any type of illness, make sure you consult your doctor before deciding to get a hot salt stone massage.

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