Stress Reduction and Relaxation Challenge

We are preparing for the launch of our 30 Day Stress Reduction and Relaxation Challenge. We can’t wait to get started. In fact, we’ll officially begin tomorrow, the 23rd of July 2018.

Each day we will share a tip or a strategy designed to help you on your journey towards reducing stress and relaxing more. We’re not talking airy-fairy stuff here. These are hands-on, actionable tips and strategies you can use every day to get in the habit of taking control of your day and becoming a happier and more relaxed person. We’ll post over in our facebook group, each day and also post over at our forum, https://fullspectrumcentre.co.uk/forums/30-days-of-relaxation-and-reducing-stress-challenge/.

Until then, we’d like to invite you to join us in our Facebook group where we’ll talk more about our 30 Day Stress Reduction and Relaxation Challenge. Share your own experiences and what you’ve found helpful on this journey towards resting and relaxing more and kicking stress to the curb.

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This group is dedicated to our members personal and spiritual growth. A safe space to share knowledge and understanding and support each other on this…

We’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning, the 23rd of July with Day 1 of our 30 Day Stress Reduction and Relaxation Challenge about how relaxing more can help reduce stress.

Joanne Lee

P.S.: If you know someone who could benefit from this 30 Day Stress Reduction and Relaxation Challenge, please invite them to join us over at https://fullspectrumcentre.co.uk/forums/30-days-of-relaxation-and-reducing-stress-challenge/.


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