Quick Stress Buster: Take A Nap

Day 3 of our 30 Day Stress Reduction and Relaxation Challenge

When is the last time you took a nap? If you’re not much of a napper, you don’t’ want to miss today’s stress busting tip and give it a try. There’s more to grabbing a few hours of shut-eye in the middle of the day than you think. Take a look:

Throughout this month, we are going to share some of our favorite quick stress busters with you. These are quick and easy strategies and ideas you can put to work right away to relax more and stress less. While not all of them will become your go-to favorites, we would like to encourage you to give them each a try as we share them. Keep the ones that work well for you and employ them whenever you feel particularly stressed and worn out. It will do you a lot of good and it will help to have some coping mechanisms in place when life throws you a curve ball.

In yesterday’s post we talked a little bit about the importance of rest and sleep in particular. We need sleep to recover from our busy days. During times when we don’t get enough of it, are sick, or just plain feel worn down, one of the best things we can do to stay healthy and productive is to take a nap. Yes, you heard me right. I’m telling you to go take a nap.

Trust me, naps aren’t just for toddlers. They work just as well on a cranky, overworked, and stressed-out adult. You may tell yourself that you’re too old for naps, don’t need one, or can’t sleep during the day. None of that is true. There are many cultures around the world where it’s common to nap during the day and research shows that it can be extremely beneficial and actually help you get more done. It’s so powerful that some companies now encourage employees to nap at work. At the very least it’s worth a try.

You don’t even have to get to sleep to benefit from napping. Just lay down, get comfortable, close your eyes and doze for a bit. This rest instead of actual sleep will help. If you do go to sleep, you don’t have to stay asleep for very long to benefit from a nap. Sleeping as little as two to five minutes is enough to refresh your brain.

If you’re worried about waking up groggy, try a coffee nap. The idea is to drink a cup of coffee right before you lay down for a short nap. Because it takes the body a while to process the caffeine in your cup of coffee, you’ll be able to take a short nap and wake up alert and ready to tackle the rest of your busy day.

Day 3’s Stress-busting Mantra is “Its not the end of the world.”


Any questions? Feel free to reply to this post, and don’t forget to stop by the Facebook group to chat about the challenge and share your progress.

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