Time To Find And Cut Out Stressors

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Reducing stress by focusing on relaxation and other stress reducing techniques including the ones we’ve been talking about is great, but what’s even better is finding and cutting out some of the stuff that stresses you out in the first place. That’s what today’s post is all about. Let’s dive right in.

What’s Really Stressing You Out?

Start by taking some time and figuring out what’s stressing you out. You are going to have to dig deep. It may seem that your kids stress you out in the morning, but when you really think about it you realize that it’s a lack of an effective morning routine that’s actually causing the stress.

Time management

Think about each and every thing until you get to the root of the problem. Then write it down. We’ll be using this list to work through and cut out as many stressors as possible going forward. In fact, make it a running list. As your life and your circumstances change, new things and people will pop up that stress you out. Add them to the list and review it regularly to see what you can do to get rid of or reduce the stress.

Make a list

What Can You Change or Cut Out Quickly?

Look through your list and find the quick fixes. The morning routine issue is a great example. You can implement it right away and cut out or at least greatly reduce the stress it’s causing you. At other times, it may be time to let something go. If you’ve been working a side hustle to make some extra holiday money and it’s causing you more stress than it is worth it, quit. If you’re in business for yourself and you have that one client that’s causing more problems and stress than all the other’s combined, fire him and find someone else. This is all about quick fixes that cut your stress level right away.

Making a Plan to Reduce the Remaining Stressors

With that done, and a little bit of breathing room created, it’s time to tackle the big issues. Go through your list and see what you can start working on right way. Some examples of big issues that stress you out could be your job or working a full-time job while also going to evening classes. Quitting your job isn’t likely an option, but you could start to get your resume in shape and start looking for employment that you’ll enjoy more.

Or maybe you have a manager that you’re clashing heads with. Finding work at a different company is certainly an option, but you could also consider looking into moving to a different department or getting a promotion. Keep working through the list and do what you can to get closer to cutting out those remaining stressors.

Join us for our next post on when we will be sharing another Quick Stress Buster!


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